Opalicious honey

Opal John started as a teenager 15 years ago and is now the orchard manager, in addition to managing the farm’s beehives, and selling products from her Opalicious Honey line in the Ten Eyck selling shed.

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Opal and David 

Opal and David John started their honey business here at our orchard. When it came to naming their brand of honey, it seemed obvious: Opalicious Honey was born!

A love of beekeeping

Opal started her love of beekeeping at a young age, learning on her own and then bringing her skills to Ten Eyck Orchard, where their honey bees live in the lap of luxury, pollinating the acres of diverse apple trees, as well as the many acres of native prairie. They believe it is this unique environment that gives their honey its wonderfully complex flavor.

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Harvesting goodness

Opalicious Honey is harvested, extracted, and bottled right here on the farm. We look forward to you sampling what we feel is the finest honey on the planet.