Generations of growing Apples

This year’s pickings from more than 40 acres of fruit trees include many customer favorites, all with different flavors, textures and ripening times. Popular sellers are Honeycrisp, Zestar!, Macoun, Melrose, Holiday and Arlett, along with classics such as Cortland, Mcintosh, Jonathan and Ida Reds. Good cooking apples include Duchess and Wealthy.

Customers can find unique antique varieties, such as Russet, Snow, Greenings, and Winesap. These flavorful and nutritious apples eaten by our grandparents and great-grandparents are carefully maintained at Ten Eyck Orchard. Many of the newest apple varieties also are found at Ten Eyck Orchard, such as Crimson Crisp and Snow Sweet.

Our mission is to provide a wide variety of perfectly ripe, hand picked apples directly to our customers. We use our generations of apple-growing experience to grow apples with the right conditions of soil, sun and moisture, and have improved our technique by experimenting with various trellis support systems. Because we don’t ship our wholesale apples, we can take great care only to pick apples at their flavor and texture peak, and sell them within a few days. 


Apples 2.jpg

Early Season

  • Geneva Early

  • Lodi

  • EarlyGold

  • Dutchess

  • Whitney Crabs

  • Melba

  • Paula Red

  • Wealthy

  • Burgundy

  • Ginger Gold

  • Zestar!

  • Jonamac

  • Gala

  • Akane

  • Red Dandee


Mid Season 

  • Honey Crisp

  • Crimson Crisp

  • Candy Crisp

  • Molly's Delicious

  • Valstar

  • Cortland

  • Asian Pears

  • Sun Crisp

  • Macintosh

  • Tolman Sweet

  • Spartan

  • McCoun

  • Empire

  • Jonathan

  • Snow

  • Holiday

  • Ambrosia

  • Pinova

  • Arkansas Black

Apples 3.jpg

Late Season

  • Grimes Golden

  • Ida Red

  • Red Delicious

  • Golden Delicious

  • Jonagold

  • Arlett ( Swiss Gourmet)

  • Melrose

  • Mutsu

  • Cameo

  • Snow Sweet

  • Greenings

  • Winesap

  • Golden Russetts

  • Granny Smith

  • Fuji

  • Braeburn

  • Shizuka

  • Evercrisp

* Apple varieties listed in order of initial seasonal ripening: Approximately July 20 to October 28 ( some variation depending on seasonal weather.)